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Allen Audio Systems has been in Business since August, 1988. We started by providing bars and clubs PA systems, mostly around Ann Arbor and Flint. Soon we found ourselves providing additional sound equipment and services for National Acts that were performing in clubs. This grew through the years, now we provide all aspects of production for all sizes of venues and clients, from small clubs and corporate meetings to large scale national acts at festivals and arenas.



We believe that our clients events are diverse and unique. Since no event is the same we use our years of service and knowledge in order to plan, prepare, and produce the product our clients and their audiences expect.  We use our expertise to help our clients' dream event be a reality. We pride ourselves on being a production team with a smile and are always there to make sure the event goes as smoothly as absolutely possible. and ability to put on unique artistic programming

Sound Services

Live sound reinforcement is not so much about volume control, but rather the science of production, control, transmission, reception and effects of sound during a live event. Allen Audio Systems melds together voice, instruments, recordings, acoustics and audience involvement to maximize the concert experience. Constant minor adjustments are needed real time for all live performances. This ensures the sound is impeccable from top to bottom, beginning to end, and artist to audience.

To accomplish this, Allen Audio Systems uses a custom sound system for any live sound event like music, theater, spoken word, or sporting events. The primary goal is to cover both the stage and audience area in a high quality sound sphere. Allen Audio Systems provides precision, experience and proper monitor mix equipment to enable the performers to hear themselves and various other parts of the performance, as well as the audience to hear the performers regardless of where they are within an area. A proper monitor mix can also minimize time delays on large stages to help synchronize a performance and can overcome the level of house sound, avoiding on-stage confusion.


People come to "SEE!" a show.  We keep that very simple concept in mind, we also work with many other companies making no lighting requirement out of reach. We strive to provide our clients with what they want in the best condition with the best attitude no cranky techs here just people aimed at putting on the very best shows possible.


Whether its LED walls or a full camera shoot with IMAG projection, we are able to provide whatever your event needs.


We provide skilled laborers- ladies and gentlemen that have been in the business for years and know how to quickly and safely get the job done.

Thanks to you and Allen Audio for honestly one of our smoothest shows of the tour.
— Michael Pierce Nomad Sound The Zombies

What We Do

Here at Allen Audio Systems we strive to provide our clients with whatever they need, you dream it we will make it become a reality.

  • Event Management

    • We will put all the moving parts and companies together to make your event one of a kind. If you want to make one call instead of a dozen to put on your event, pick up the phone and give us a ring.

  • Event Technology

    • We use the best and newest technology to make all aspects of your event amazing. Whether its audio, lights, video, or staging; we provide the best in the business.

  • Concert Production

    • We have and continue to work with the biggest and the most popular performing artists. We have thousands of concerts under our belt, and know the ins and outs of what is required when putting on such concerts.

You guys were brilliant, I look forward to next time Mark; Cheers!
— Chris Cotten Critter Entertainment Live Audio | Production Management | Tour Management