As a client our expertise is your expertise.

Mark Allen CEO

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Mark was born in Flushing, Michigan and throughout his childhood loved building, fixing cars, and playing music in local bands. He attended the University of Michigan where he received his degree in Architecture. Throughout college he continued playing in bands and, needing PA for his own shows, slowly built up a inventory of gear. Relizing the need for PA around campus gave Mark the idea to start Allen Audio Systems in 1988. Mark loves to design his own speakers and cases, putting his architecture degree to good use. Mark is still heavily involved in the design and deployment of our clients' production needs, working hard to make every event a success. In his spare time Mark enjoys sailing, working with his favorite band and friends The Ragbirds, and spending time with his cats.

Bill Gleespen COO

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Bill was born in southeast Michigan and always loved listening to and playing music of all styles. He attended Washtenaw Community College and received his certificate in Audio Engineering and Production. It was here that he met Mark during a tutorial in one of his classes. He started to intern with Allen Audio in the summer of 2008. Over the next few years he worked part time as a engineer while earning his Bachelors degree in Business from Eastern Michigan University. When he graduated from EMU he started working full time as an engineer and did some free lancing with some of the nations biggest audio companies. What he soon realized was that he missed the great attitude and overall outlook of the people he worked with at Allen Audio so he returned working exclusively with the company. In 2015 he began taking on a larger roll within the company. He is now the Chief Operations Officer of Allen Audio Systems. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and taking hikes with his dogs.

Kyle Tewell Office Manager

Labor Team

Our Labor team of experienced stage hands can handle show calls no matter the size. We have professional and skilled stage hands, riggers, spot ops, and site ops crews. 

Lighting Team

We have the perfect lighting package for any size production. We are able to provide a wide range of different lights depending on our clients needs because we partner with southeast Michigan's premium lighting companies so no matter what our clients need we can provide the right lights for the right price. 

Video Team

Whether your show needs an LED wall, or multiple projectors, we have you covered. Even if your show requires a full camera shoot with cameras, operators, directors, and projectionists, we have you covered with the best gear and most professional staff.